The power of learning from opportunities

Oxford is the largest, best-known and most respected supplemental education provider in Canada. In business sinceOxford has more than locations across Canada.

The power of learning from opportunities

The new panel array replaces a panel system installed 17 years ago. The new solar photovoltaic array, comprised of panels each roughly the same physical size as those previously installed, will generate nearly three times more electricity than the old array despite expanding by only four panels.

The power of learning from opportunities

On a sunny day, the new array is capable of generating a peak output of eight kilowatts of electricity. The previous array, installed inhad a peak output of less than three kilowatts of power.

The array is also providing new opportunities for research. Hutzel believes Purdue should start thinking about green energy on a larger scale. It might not be tomorrow or the next day, but solar energy will be very feasible for Purdue in the next several years even though we enjoy our own power plant.

Hutzel suggested that the area south of the Purdue University Airport, already restricted from development of new buildings due to the proximity of the runways, might be a good location for a significant solar installation. Hutzel noted that Jan Lugowski, associate professor of mechanical engineering technology, and Wil Arnett, a graduate research assistant in the School of Engineering Technology, also played key roles in getting the array built, with assistance from Jim Lane, mechanical engineering technology lab supervisor, and Clayton Kibbey, engineering technology lab engineer.

The team finished inspecting the new systems and turned it on for the first time May 9.Together, we have the power to inspire, connect, and deliver on new opportunities and rich experiences that can open doors to innovation and progress while growing global economies and increasing well-being.

Home / Our Work / For Families / Articles for Families on Play / Playdough Power Squishing, rolling, sculpting, molding young children love to play with playdough. Add some props from around the home and playdough play becomes a powerful way to support your child’s learning. Leader development is defined as the "expansion of a person's capacity to be effective in leadership roles and processes" (McCauley, Van Veslor, & Rudeman, , p.

2). These roles and processes are ones that aid in setting direction, creating alignment and maintaining commitment in groups of people sharing common work. There’s never been a better time to be a project manager. Project management skills and expertise are in demand globally, and earning potential remains promising.

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Across many tasks, learning curves show an initial learning period, followed by a plateau of optimal efficiency.

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