The life and bacground of gustave flaubert and henrik ibsen

He is also referred as the father of realism. After Shakespearehe is considered as the second most influential and insightful dramatist and poet of the 19th century. Ibsen was born on 20th March in the city Skien, Norway. Henrik Ibsen was the eldest of his five siblings.

The life and bacground of gustave flaubert and henrik ibsen

Life[ edit ] Early life and education[ edit ] Flaubert was born on 12 Decemberin Rouenin the Seine-Maritime department of Upper Normandyin northern France.

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In Paris, he was an indifferent student and found the city distasteful. He made a few acquaintances, including Victor Hugo.

Toward the end ofhe travelled in the Pyrenees and Corsica. Inafter an attack of epilepsyhe left Paris and abandoned the study of law. Personal life[ edit ] From toFlaubert had a relationship with the poet Louise Colet ; his letters to her have survived.

After leaving Paris, he returned to Croisset, near the Seineclose to Rouen, and lived there for the rest of his life. He did however make occasional visits to Paris and England, where he apparently had a mistress.

In —50 he went on a long journey to the Middle East, visiting Greece and Egypt. In Beirut he contracted syphilis. He spent five weeks in Istanbul in Flaubert never married and never had children.

His reason for not having children is revealed in a letter he sent to Coulet, dated December 11, In it he revealed that he was opposed to childbirthsaying he would "transmit to no one the aggravations and the disgrace of existence.

He suspected that a chancre on his penis was from a Maronite or a Turkish girl. He was close to his niece, Caroline Commanville, and had a close friendship and correspondence with George Sand.

The s were a difficult time for Flaubert. Prussian soldiers occupied his house during the War ofand his mother died in After her death, he fell into financial difficulty due to business failures on the part of his niece's husband.

Flaubert suffered from venereal diseases most of his life. His health declined and he died at Croisset of a cerebral hemorrhage in at the age of He was buried in the family vault in the cemetery of Rouen.

A monument to him by Henri Chapu was unveiled at the museum of Rouen. Flaubert, photographed by Nadar His first finished work was Novembera novella, which was completed in He read the novel aloud to Louis Bouilhet and Maxime Du Camp over the course of four days, not allowing them to interrupt or give any opinions.

At the end of the reading, his friends told him to throw the manuscript in the fire, suggesting instead that he focus on day-to-day life rather than fantastic subjects.

Inafter returning from Egypt, Flaubert began work on Madame Bovary. The novel, which took five years to write, was serialized in the Revue de Paris in The government brought an action against the publisher and author on the charge of immorality, which was heard during the following year, but both were acquitted.

When Madame Bovary appeared in book form, it met with a warm reception. The novel was completed in after four years of work.

The life and bacground of gustave flaubert and henrik ibsen

This was his last complete novel, published in the year He wrote an unsuccessful drama, Le Candidat, and published a reworked version of The Temptation of Saint Anthony, portions of which had been published as early as This book comprises three stories: It was a grand satire on the futility of human knowledge and the ubiquity of mediocrity.

He believed the work to be his masterpiece, though the posthumous version received lukewarm reviews. Flaubert was a prolific letter writer, and his letters have been collected in several publications.

At the time of his death, he may have been working on a further historical novel, based on the Battle of Thermopylae. Flaubert published much less prolifically than was the norm for his time and never got near the pace of a novel a year, as his peers often achieved during their peaks of activity.

Walter Pater famously called Flaubert the "martyr of style.Gustave Flaubert's Madame Bovary on Film The figure of Emma Bovary, the central character of Gustave Flaubert's novel, Madame Bovary, caused both cheers of approval and howls of outrage upon its publication, and continues to fascinate modern literary critics and film makers.

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"Gustave . Throughout Hedda Gabler and Madame Bovary death is a common motif. The use of unnatural death by Henrik Ibsen and Gustave Flaubert allows the authors to breakdown the main characters and reveal their true personalities.4/4(1).

In these three unforgettably intense plays, Henrik Ibsen explores the problems of personal and social morality that he perceived in the world around him and, in particular, the complex nature of truth.

Apr 13,  · The literary names of Gustave Flaubert and Henrik Ibsen are closely associated with what "-ism"? a. realism b. symbolism c. impressionism d.

socialism. The literary names of Gustave Flaubert and Henrik Ibsen are closely associated with what "-ism"? Realism Why would the artistic public of the s most likely have rejected Edouard Manet's "Luncheon on the Grass"?

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