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Editorial Purpose, Strategy and Methodology As it was emphasized in the editorial of the first issue, the main purpose of the Journal is to collaborate in the systemization of knowledge and experience generated in the areas of Systemics, Cybernetics communication and control and Informatics.

Sci paper 1

Grown-up sci-fi where everyone was at least a bit bad, the space battles felt tangible as well as spectacular and the enemy was as unknowable as they were implacable. BSG Deadlock — the strategy game we all conveniently forgot about until Autumneven though it was definitely released 12 years ago and not just a few weeks ago, is a prequel to the TV series.

But only in as much as this gives it the excuse to not get caught up in what were then the ongoing adventures of Adama and all his frenemies. A few familiar surnames crop up during the campaign, distant relatives to check a few fan service boxes, but other than that the focus is on defending the 12 Colonies from Cylon attack, rather than escaping their near-total destruction, as the TV series concerned itself with and most certaintly never diverted off into anything quasi-religious instead.

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All this presented with cock-eyed cameras jumping from the close-up to the far-out, missiles that move like harpoons through a deep ocean, and a war-drums soundtrack that fuses East and West.

Deadlock set the standard for BSG games and was never bettered, which is perhaps why it feels like it was only released a few weeks ago rather than over a decade ago, as was absolutely, honestly the case.

I say that, but Deadlock can be a bit of a drag too. Deadlock has a neat solution to the problem of turn-based not being as inherently filmic as the real-time battles we saw on TV.

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This is something of a best of both worlds approach: I may also yet remember whether or not much came of the sub-XCOMy between-mission colonial management elements, in which you can research and build new ships for your fleet, gather or lose income from the Colonies and recruit officers to boost this or that.

What I do know is that me was delighted by Deadlock, determined that this was a true, the true Battlestar Galactica game even if the pace was uneven and everthing outside of combat felt a little barebones.

Sci paper 1

Deadlock is available now for Windows PC, direct from the devs or via Steam.During , I probably thought about Battlestar Galactica at least once an hour every single day. Grown-up sci-fi where everyone was at least a bit bad, the space battles felt tangible as well as spectacular and the enemy was as unknowable as they were implacable.

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