Kyani business presentation 2015 tax

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Kyani business presentation 2015 tax

It seems like the perfect investment for people that like to be involved so you should be very interested in it at first.

kyani business presentation 2015 tax

But what is DuePoint Product Line and why does it seem to be a good investment? DuePoint works in the MLM niche of financial services. On their website DuePoint has listed five team members, but their particular roles within the company are no defined.

While publishing this review, the Constantia website was down. Thepartners include an ISP, travel agency, car dealership, voucher providers, home appliance retailer, hair dryer retailer, eCommerce platforms, personal fitness trainer and hair salon.

Though it is not clarified on the DuePoint website, assumingly, each subscription is monthly recurring. The commission is monthly recurring for the life of the subscription. To be eligible for commissions, an affiliate of DuePoint must sell at least 1 subscription to 3 enlisted affiliates.

In spite of a R An affiliate is placed at the top of a unilevel team by a unilevel compensation structure. Every personally enlisted affiliate is put directly under them level 1. When any level 2 affiliate enlists fresh affiliates, they are put on level 3 and so on down a theoretical infinite number of levels.

One enlisted affiliate unlocks the 1st level of the unilevel team, 2 enlisted affiliates unlocks the 2nd level of the unilevel team and so on. On each level of the unilevel team, the subscriptions sold produce a percentage multiplier that is used to work out specific commission rates for a subscription payment on that particular level.

XP Rewards include cars, cash, holidays, prizes, and even tools that will advance the development of your channel downline. XP Rewards are given out based on points. Nevertheless, DuePoint do reveal the specifics of how points are awarded or for what reason.

DuePoint Membership The affiliate membership of DuePoint is linked to the purchase of one or more subscriptions. An affiliate downline is referred to as a channel by DuePoint. It is apparantely built by recruiting affiliates and them buying subscriptions.

This happens through sales. It is unclear as to why DuePoint insist otherwise. The way in which the DuePoint compensation plan is presented with different percentage multipliers sounds new.

But with a fixed rate per subscription, sale can easily be presented with real numbers on each level. The legitimacy of the plan depends on how many DuePoint subscriptions are sold to retail customers. The 18 minute official DuePoint presentation does not mention retail subscription sales. It is focused entirely on affiliate recruitment.

DuePoint refers it as a channel building excercise. All through the presentation the company is quite obvious about how DuePoint should be marketed.

As mentioned, 3 product owners must be linked to you directly for the purpose of calculating your returns. Leaving out the issue of DuePoint referring to commissions as returns, it is obvious it expects its affiliates to market the business opportunity, not the subscription services. Considering this, the company is right that DuePoint seemingly does not involve sales.

It places DuePoint in pyramid scheme territory potentially, in case the majority of subscriptions are held by affiliates and not retail customers. You can verify this by clarifying how many non-affiliate subscription sales your potential upline have sold versus affiliate subscriptions.

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Search Search. Marymount Manhattan College is an urban, independent, liberal arts college located in Manhattan, New York City, New York.

The mission of the College is to educate a socially and economically diverse student body by fostering intellectual achievement and personal growth . Kyäni Compensation Plan. The following pages will guide you through each of the areas within the compensation plan.

Kyäni rewards you for building your customer business. When you achieve a monthly personal Customer CV volume, you will receive a one-time bonus.

Kyani Business Opportunity

There are two levels to this bonus at CV and CV. May 31,  · This is a Business Opportunity Webinar review. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.

ACN scam or not? Is it pyramid or fraud? Are there complaints?