Investment pattern among investors in india

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Investment pattern among investors in india

Both countries demonstrate a common pattern of development different from that of the slowly growing West. Rapidly growing state investment plays a significant role in China and India's economic expansion, while private investment is either growing very slowly or declining.

In contrast, the slowly growing Western economies rely on private investment with no rapid growth of state investment. This economic reality is crucial for China's practical economic policy as the country seeks to achieve its goal of a " moderately prosperous society " by and a "high income economy" by World Bank standards shortly thereafter.

But the facts of this global economic trend are also crucial for economic theory and analysis. According to the dogmas of "neo-liberalism" and the "Washington Consensus," private investment is supposed to be "good" while state investment is supposed to be "bad.

Rapidly rising state investment is associated with high economic growth. Rapidly rising state investment is associated with high economic growth China and India ; over-reliance on private investment is associated with low growth U.

These are easily the fastest growth rates for any major economies. They also propel the most rapid rates of growth of household and total consumption. In particular, both China and India are growing far more rapidly than the Western economies -- in the EU's per capita was only 1.

Data for to date show the same pattern of rapid growth in China and India and slow growth in the U. Chinese state and private investment percent change year to year: The analysis by Pranjul Bhandarichief India economist of HSBC, in July noted that the year-on-year increase of India's state investment was 21 percent while private investment actually fell by 1.

For Q1 ofper capita GDP growth was 6. Q2 data of show continuation of the same growth rate in China while per capita growth in the U. Low State Investment in the West If China and India's pattern of high growth is associated with strong state investment, what, therefore, is causing the West to grow so slowly?

The chart below shows that the year-on-year growth of the U. In China and India, the low growth rate of private investment is offset by rapidly growing state investment of over 20 percent; whereas in the U. But unlike China and India, the U. The Role of State Investment The logic is clear: It might occur to the reader that it is rapid economic growth in India and China that is leading to more state investment, not the other way around.

Or low rates of investment in the U.

Investment pattern among investors in india

This to me is implausible since state investment is directly under government control and not subject to diffuse market forces.Chart Advise is a company mentored by Dr C K Narayan, the country’s top technical analyst, winner of the Lifetime Achievement award for Technical Analysis.

Dr C. The major focus of the study was on investigating whether there was a difference between investment awareness levels and educational qualifications of male and female rural investors. INTRODUCTION There are a lot of investment avenues available today in the financial market for an investor with an investable surplus.

He can invest in Bank Deposits, Corporate Debentures, and Bonds where there is low risk but low return. A STUDY OF SAVING AND INVESTMENT PATTERN OF SALARIED CLASS PEOPLE WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO CHANDIGARH (INDIA) investments pattern among the salaried class people of Chandigarh (India).

The data was The genuine investors. India About Blog I am a Blogger with a passion for Investment Education. I started blogging in Getmoneyrich is a blog that shares investment experiences with its readers.

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