Family and grandfather s visits

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Family and grandfather s visits

Their achievements made them quite famous and they were the natural choice to resolve the acrimonious border dispute between the Baltimores of Maryland and the Penns of Pennsylvania.

Arriving in Philadelphia in Novemberthey quickly got to work. Their starting point was a house on Cedar now South Street.

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The latitude exactly 15 miles south of this house was the legal line for dividing Maryland from Pennsylvania the Mason-Dixon Line. Joel Bailey see note 2a surveyor from West Chester and "an agreeable companion", joined the team as an assistant and handyman. The colonists were in uproar; this was the occasion of the infamous Paxton Boys' massacre.

After two months working in Philadelphia, Mason and Dixon set out to find an area near the forks of the "Brandiwine" that had the same latitude as Philadelphia. They arrived at John Harlan's see note 3 plantation on Sunday, January 8, The first task was to observe the latitude with their zenith sector an eight-foot tall telescope in a tent in the backyard.

The latitude was found to be a fraction south of Cedar Street and the monument that marked the spot became known as the Stargazer's Stone see note 1.

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The winter weather turned bad and while Mason and Dixon waited for it to improve, they entertained the family with tales of their travels to Africa. On March 17 there was an eclipse of the moon, which Mason let the family see through his brass reflecting telescope. Eventually the weather improved and on Monday April 2,Mason and Dixon set off to measure the 15 miles southward, then spent the rest of the summer establishing the Tangent Line of Lord Baltimore's eastern border.

When winter returned the hired hands were paid off and Mason and Dixon returned to the Brandywine to spend Christmas with the family.

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After a short break, to complete the Tangent Line, Mason and Dixon continued westward from the Susquehanna; it was mid-June. Four and a half months later they reached North Mountain. Before winter set in, Mason and Dixon went down to the Nanticoke to set up marker stones, staying with another good friend of theirs called John Twiford.

Family and grandfather s visits

Mason returned to the Brandywine alone to spend time with John and his family while Dixon went off to enjoy the allures of Philadelphia. Six weeks later Mason was off on his travels again, "proceeding for curiosity to the Southward to see the country".

He ended up in Williamsburg where he met the Indian "king of the Tuscarawa Tuscarora ". From Williamsburg he traveled north to rendezvous with Dixon and to continue the West Line. Returning to lodgings in Newark, the two men learned that the Royal Society had agreed to fund the very first measurement of a Degree of Latitude in America.

As nothing could be done on the West Line until the Indians gave their consent, they began on the Degree. This kept them busy until October when they left off to complete the West Line eastward to the Delaware.

In NovemberMason and Dixon returned to the Harlan plantation to conduct more scientific observations alongside the Stargazer's Stone and to determine the strength of gravity. They used two pendulum clocks; one of these was the Royal Society's famous regulator made by John Shelton that had been used on St.The Harlan Connection with Mason & Dixon.

Charles Mason ARS () was an astronomer from Gloucestershire who worked for the . FratzkeNet: Fratzke Family Genealogy.

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Family and grandfather s visits

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