Corvette project cars for sale

The Corvette division approached Lotus with the idea of developing the world's fastest production car, to be based on the C4 generation Corvette. In addition to the engine, Lotus helped GM design the ZR-1's which in prototype version was called "King of the Hill" [7] upgraded braking and steering systems,[ citation needed ] and helped them pick the settings for the standard "FX3" adjustable active ride control that Chevrolet was fitting to the car,[ citation needed ] helping to ensure that the vehicle was more than just a modern-day muscle car with a big engine and no real capability on the track.

Corvette project cars for sale

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All listings are subject to prior sale. The Second Generation of Corvette - C2: The History of the Corvette Sting Ray '67 Five decades after its introduction, the Corvette remains one of the most startling, engrossing and completely thrilling automotive designs of all time.

For discerning enthusiasts, the Corvettes are the most compelling of the series.

Corvette project cars for sale

The "midyear" Corvettes aren't so much beautiful as they are provocative. Back in the late '50s, Mitchell had acquired one of the old SS chassis that had been built to race at Sebring and, working with his assistant Larry Shinoda, designed a new body for it with a high waistline, a chiseled prow and sharply creased fenders and called it the Sting Ray.

Corvette project cars for sale

At about the same time that Mitchell and Shinoda were designing the Sting Ray body style, Corvette Chief Engineer Zora Arkus-Duntov was building what he hoped would be a world-class chassis for his beloved charge.

Cutting the wheelbase down by 4 inches to 98, Arkus-Duntov built a ladder frame that was much stiffer than the previous X-member design and allowed the passenger compartment to be sunk down between the rails. He also designed a new independent rear suspension that economically in both dollar cost and space usage used a single transverse nine-leaf spring and the half-shafts as part of the linkage.


It was the marriage of the Mitchell and Shinoda body design with the new Zora Arkus-Duntov chassis that resulted in the Corvette roadster and, for the first time, fastback coupe. From the rotating hidden headlamps across the front to the boat tail shaped rear window, the Corvette coupe was outrageously attractive.

And with a thick center bar splitting the rear window in two, not a car out of which it was particularly easy to see. That design earned this car the nickname "split-window coupe. A three-speed manual was still the standard transmission, and the base V8 was still rated at hp.

On the options sheet were and hp four-barrel, and hp fuel-injected versions of the Also available was the legendary "Z06" race pack option for the coupe that included such things as metallic brake pads, a heavy-duty suspension and an oversize fuel tank.

Ordering the Z06 required the costly fuel-injected engine, so production was limited. Motor Trend tested a Corvette powered by the fuel-injected engine and backed by the Muncie four-speed transmission. The Corvette hustled from zero to 60 mph in 5.

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It does take a little different technique, but once the driver gets onto it, it's beautiful. That's almost half again as many Corvettes were sold, and the first time total sales topped 20, in a year.Find great deals on eBay for corvette project cars and corvette salvage.

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