Copy editing services fiction stories

It makes handling projects far more manageable, and our clients are involved every step of the way. Real-time Document Sharing We share the document so that our client can see their book transform in real-time.

Copy editing services fiction stories

You've probably noticed discrepancies in editing definitions and descriptions of freelance editing services scattered across the web. It's confusing, I know. Partly this is because different industries have different editorial needs--a newspaper doesn't operate the same as a book publisher, and narrowing further, fiction has different editorial needs than a non-fiction manuscript.

Added to the google soup is the confusion perpetuated by sources unintentionally spreading misinformation due to being misinformed themselves—as with anything on the internet, a source is only as good as a source's source.

But really, the bulk of confusion stems from there being no single global authority that editors look to for their definitions. So how is a writer supposed to figure out what kind of editor they need to hire and who offers the best value for their rates?

What's a Short Story? Open Office Microsoft Works Each entry must have a cover page with the title of the work, the author's name, full mailing address, telephone number and email address. Every subsequent page must carry the title and a page number, but NOT the author's name to facilitate fair judging.
fantasy and science fiction writer How Our Copyediting Process Works 1. After placing your order, you will answer a few questions about your project and upload your manuscript in Microsoft Word format using our secure server.
Manuscript Assessment - The Literary Consultancy From full-length books to mash notes and everything in between, she will help punch up your prose and make your message or manuscript sparkle.
World-Class Editing and Proofreading at Your Fingertips We aim to return critiques and edits of work under 15, words within 3 weeks. Their proofing and editing service put me on the right track, and undoubtedly contributed to my work being taken seriously further down the line.
Fiction Editing Services | Book Editing | First Editing FirstEditing™ The Literary Consultancy provides developing writers with an honest, detailed and professional manuscript appraisal from a highly skilled editor. We help writers understand whether they stand a chance of success in the commercial literary market place and if they do, help connect them to a literary agent and publisher.

Understand that not all editors do all types of editing. Be aware that different types of editing are done in separate phases, not all issues in one go, so your manuscript may need multiple rounds of editing or multiple editors.

Understand the full range of issues that can be present in a fiction manuscript. Most of all, be honest with yourself when you assess the type of issues your manuscript may have. Manuscript assessments address pivotal big-picture issues like overall plot, characters, story structure, and writing style.

This feedback lets the author know the positives and negatives of the manuscript and it provides insight as to whether readers will perceive the story as the author intended. Advice will be specific to the types of issues present in the manuscript, but the advice will often be somewhat generic and point to references where the author can further study-up on a skill or concept on their own.

Manuscript assessments come in the form of a letter, usually 2—5 pages, and there will be no mark-up in the manuscript. You might also know the term beta reading and wonder how it fits into this tangled web.

My view is that beta reading is the non-professional and therefore free or cheap version of an editor's manuscript assessment.

copy editing services fiction stories

A beta reader is a fellow author, ravenous reader, friend, or family member who gives you their personal opinion on your manuscript. Although I occasionally do manuscript assessments, it's not a service I routinely offer. If you really want to work with me, though, you're always welcome to ask if I'd be interested in your project.

Some people also consider developmental editing and substantive editing see next section to be the same thing while others use the term as a distinctly separate type of work. I agree with the latter camp, and that's the explanation I'm going to give here. Developmental editing is deep editing.

It may result in the author reworking a plot thread or character in its entirety, rewriting or reordering large portions of the manuscript, or possibly writing an entire new draft after further developing a particular writing skill.

The manuscript may be exchanged multiple times until the writing is strong and the story elements are entirely ironed out. A developmental editor is a mentor who teaches and helps an author build core storytelling skills.

Although I occasionally do developmental editing, it's not a service I routinely offer. Substantive editing starts once an author feels they've written their final draft. They think it's perfect, and probably their mom does too; first readers like it overall but may have a few critiques; agents or publishers may express a degree of interest but don't feel it's quite "there.

The editor points out the issues and suggests solutions, but the writer is the one who does the majority of rewrites to solve problems according to their vision for the story. Most manuscripts need to start with a substantive edit. Nearly all manuscripts have content that could use some improvement.

In traditional publishing, the acquiring editor works with the author on substantive editing before passing the manuscript to a copy editor. Self-publishing authors should take the same professional approach by starting at the beginning of the editorial process.

Give your book every opportunity to succeed! Are you planning to submit your manuscript to an agent or publishing house? So, before you submit to and get rejected by the agent or publisher of your dreams, you may want to hire a freelance editor to substantive edit your manuscript first.

If you've already been rejected by your top pick agents or publishers, it's a good idea to hire a freelance editor before submitting elsewhere.We provide proofreading and copy-editing services for all types of creative documents, including screenplays, novels, novellas, manuscripts, short stories, book series, and more!

STRESS-FREE PROCESS Our author proofreading services come with a stress-free order process/5(). copy editing As a copy editor, I work at the level of the sentence: the minutia of a manuscript. I inspect issues of grammar, phrasing, diction, consistency of style and voice, and proofreading elements (spelling, typographical, punctuation, and formatting errors).

Stories To Tell is a full service book publishing company for independent authors. We provide editing, design, publishing, and marketing of fiction and non-fiction.

We specialize in sophisticated, unique illustrated book rutadeltambor.comon: PO Box Silver Spring, MD United States. Short Story Writing Contests Short Story Writing Contest Description EditFast will hold 12 short story writing contests every year.

The monthly short story writing contest is free to all and open to any topic apart from the exclusions listed below. I offer a range of editing services to help get your writing ready for publication.

I specialize in editing the work of academics and students, and fiction writers. My skills are primarily in stylistic and copy editing, indexing and proofreading.

Editing Services Copy Editing. Stylistic Editing / Manuscript Review Proofreading / Formatting Indexing "I have become. Copy-editing and proofreading are two separate functions, and it is quite common for people to confuse the two.

‘Proofreading’ tends to be used as a generic term.

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