Cafe de coral five forces

He has made illustrations for several publications, participated in a number of international symposiums and events, and received various national and international awards and mentions.

Cafe de coral five forces

It was established in and currently operates more than self-service fast food restaurants in the territory. It has now over 34 years of proven experience in the food service and catering industry.

In addition, it now currently caters to an average of overcustomers a day, making the chain the undisputed market leader in the field.

Cafe de coral five forces

Location Restaurant locations of the Group are found in mixed use district, business core, shopping centres, industrial areas, and private and public housing estates. Restaurants of an average square meters are designed with a modern and warm ambience aiming to maximize customer flow.

They want to be better than the best and thus, never stop evaluating its signature products to make improvements, so that its customers will always get the best without even having to ask for it. It even introduced luxurious dishes that used to be served only in the most prestigious hotels and high-end dining restaurants, such as our Winter Melon Soup.

In turn, consumers always get the best food with the best value for their money.

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In addition, menus are changed seasonally. Typically, dishes that are able to hold their temperature longer, such as hotpot and clay pot rice are served in winter months in addition to those items that are served all year round.

Most seasonal specialties are presented in specially designed utensils to enhance their appeals and thus their perceived value to consumers. In order to ensure and enhance its competitiveness, it continuously reviews, updates and improves the products it offers to consumers.

It constantly seeks to introduce new food products to its range to increase its variety, keep the interest of its customers and thus, build up their loyalty. The company also hires an independent team to examine and evaluate the quality of food at each branch. In order to involve its customers, the company continuous to conduct surveys regularly in order to understand their needs in terms of food and services.

Cafe de coral five forces

Focus In terms of focus, the company has clear objectives, with high operating efficiency, with clear understanding of the company objectives, and streamlined procedures to reduce the operating cost and to increase its productivity.

Value In terms of value, the company provides reasonable prices to its products, and offers quality products and services to consumers. Stringent material quality checking and production process all comply with the high standard of quality requirements.

Great by Design (14) We are principally engaged in operating quick-service QSR and specialty restaurant chains and have successfully diversified both vertically and horizontally into the institutional catering and food processing business.

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Hong Kong Fast Food In: Business and Management Submitted By locherry Porter's five forces analysis is a framework for industry analysis and business strategy development. The followings are the factors of Porter’s five forces: Large established brand companies such as Café de Coral and McDonald’s do make it more difficult to .


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Cafe De Coral Michael Porter's FIVE FORCES analysis Competitive Rivalry within an Industry Threat Of New Entrants The Bargaining Power of Supplier is low.

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