Book review of the olympic games

The following article first appeared in The National Book Review: A Global History of the Olympics focuses more on scandal and controversy in the modern Games than on iconic moments and transcendent athletic performances. The International Olympic Committee will not be plugging this book.

Book review of the olympic games

Book review of the olympic games

September Books of Olympic proportion Women were an afterthought to the modern Olympic Games that began in Almost one-third of the new century had elapsed before women were allowed to participate in track and field events.

In the years since, women have come into their own. Today Olympic hopefuls such as Marion Jones, the most recent of the athletic divas-in-waiting, achieve superstar status before they ever compete in the Games.


The narrative texts that accompany the stats offer examples of the social concerns that often plagued the games in years past, especially involving race and gender. Or did you know that the first female winner of the meter event, year-old Elizabeth Robinson of Riverdale, Illinois, was "discovered" while running for a train?

It covers the games from their debut in Athens to the events scheduled this year. The color photographs are several notches above the newspaper quality images we are accustomed to seeing and they add an increased element of humanity to the events.

Especially useful are the charts and statistics that take up the final one-third of the book.Online shopping for Olympic Games from a great selection at Books Store.

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Aug 06,  · The following article first appeared in The National Book Review: The Games: A Global History of the Olympics by David Goldblatt (W.W. Norto BREAKING NEWS Tap . E-books Library p / Olympic Studies Centre / [email protected] 1/11 Library Olympic Studies Centre E-books Collection Selection of E-books on the Olympic Games and Olympism proposed by the IOC E-book Brittain, Ian The Paralympic Games explained New York: Routledge, – ISBN Aug 16,  · The Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil are nearly done.

There have been many exciting moments, from swimmer Michael Phelps’ record . Jul 24,  · She will be covering the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro as a producer for NBC Sports.

A version of this article appears in print on, on Page 11 of the Sunday Book Review with the headline.

It's an emotional game at Rio 2016 and these athletes don't hold back

The Olympic Games Effect MKT Book Review: The Olympic Games Effect The book: The Olympic Games Effect wrote by John A - Book Review of the Olympic Games Effect introduction. Davis, is mainly discussing about the sport market, especially the Olympic market.

Book review of the olympic games

The book made a key contribution to learning the economics of the Olympics. Olympic Games: Books