An overview of the disadvantages of the bilingual education programs in english schools

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An overview of the disadvantages of the bilingual education programs in english schools

Education The writer is of opinion that unsuccessful attempt at integration into society. In my own opinion, if the school really having bilingual education, the student that immigrate from others country may not able to communicate within each other.

The teacher may have the difficulties to teach the student from overseas. For example, if the student emigrate from France to England. The student may not understand the class with Spanish word or education.

The author says that drop out rate in various schools across North America has reduced significantly. The result of the school have drop out the school rate because student have to study in two different languages.

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Two different languages may be making the student confuse although they are studying a same subject. For example, In Malaysia, Government has come out with an idea where study mathematics in two different language such as English and Mandarin for primary school. I think that government should not conduct bilingual education for primary or secondary student as this will make them more stressful.

According to the author, bilingual language requires a number of trained teachers who are proficient in both English and their native language. I agreed the author reason.


In my own opinion, nowadays, there is really lack of teachers in school. If government really conducts bilingual education, the teachers in school may feel stress where they need to teach same subject in two different languages. So that, government should be provide training to teacher who teach two languages in the same subject.

The teachers also may have the problem in teaching the student. The teachers may have to spend more time to explain to the student and communicate with them. In the view of the writer, there is a dearth of classrooms that can accommodate students who require instruction in both English and their native language.

In my own opinion, I agreed what author says. Government should build up more classrooms for school that are having bilingual education.

So that, school able to arrange the classroom to those student who are taking one subject in two different languages. Consequently, I am totally disagreed with bilingual education as there are really many disadvantages rather than advantages.

Furthermore, the writer believes that there is lack of funds to promote the bilingual education.

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Schools have to buy many reference books because there is different language in each subject. Government should provide some books voucher for school or student in order to encourage them study in bilingual language. Schools may have to teach the student in different method and they must spend a lot of money and time to prepare educational material.List of Cons of Bilingual Education.

An overview of the disadvantages of the bilingual education programs in english schools

1. It poses difficulty for foreign language students to assimilate easily. One of the most frequent criticisms of bilingual education is that it causes foreign language students to avoid total assimilation into their local culture. Studies in European Language Diversity 28 HUNGARIAN IN SLOVENIA ELDIA Case-Specific Report Anna KOLLÁTH & Annamária GRÓF Mainz Wien Helsinki Tartu Mariehamn Oulu Maribor Studies in European Language Diversity.

Bilingual education programs in this country include ESOL as a program component. Typically, such programs also include instruction in Home Language Arts, which provides the base from which literacy and language skills will transfer to English language settings.

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